Stardock IconPackager 5.10.032 Full + Crack


Stardock IconPackager 5.10.032 (6.14 Mb) is a useful program for those who want to modify the interface of its OS. IconPackager allows users to change almost all icons in Microsoft Windows, while using mode “batch” change the icon, you can modify each icon individually. IconPackager contains a set of icons which is the most common icons on your PC, you can easily change and enjoying, delighting the eye is always something new.


  • IconPackager software is one of the most versatile and powerful, yet easy to configure Windows shell that is available today. IconPackager allows you to customize the features of Windows, which is not available from the standard user interface. Some of these features can improve system performance, some will be able to make your life a little easier with Windows. Some of the features IconPackager allows him to stay a cut above most of these programs.
  • Make package:
    By default, IconPackager will use the icon that has been set as the default package. If you download another package, this program will introduce the icon of the new package, instead of the old. At the same time, you can convert more than 100 different icons, which are common in Windows. There are different categories of your system icons, you can change a single icon through dialogue, open the file using a different file Ico. You can also edit icons with IconDeveloper.
  • Changing the settings icon:
    Most of these options are obvious, but there are also some settings, which is quite important. Usually, no one knows that there is an icon in regulating the size of only one standard: 16×16, 32×32 and 48×48. Many programs do not support other formats. In fact, some do not support even 48×48. IconPackager allows you to change the size of icons in your system at all what you want. But remember, if the icon is not one of these three dimensions, they may look fuzzy or wrong.

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