Start Menu X Pro 7.34 Full + Crack

Start Menu X Pro 7.34

Start Menu X Pro 7.34 is a system menu replacement for professionals. Compatible with Windows 10/11. Experienced users are much more demanding, because they have not ten programs, but hundreds! So we needed solutions designed by professionals for professionals. Find out how easy it is to find and launch programs without scrolling, without unnecessary clicks and gestures – with Start Menu X program.

Main Features:

  • One click launch
    This feature is our unique development. Start Menu X replaces the yellow folder icon with a program icon. By clicking on the folder, you will launch this program. To access the submenu, you need to wait a few seconds by placing the cursor over the folder. The first time a program is detected automatically, the program you launched last time becomes “main in folder”. This feature uses your visual memory, so you can find and launch programs more quickly.
  • Virtual groups
    Divide the contents of any folder into virtual groups, while leaving files on disk unchanged. Virtual groups can be collapsed and expanded. In this way, you can reduce browsing time and change the visual display of information depending on the situation. This feature first appeared in our Start Menu X program and was our discovery.
  • Access to every corner of the PC
    Unfortunately, the link to the folder has been removed from the system menu in Windows 10/11. You are only given a list of programs and therefore it becomes very difficult to get from the menu even to the control panel.
    Luckily you have Start Menu X! With our program you can customize your folder list to your liking. A wide selection of 25 system folders and the ability to add your own folders or programs are just what you need to adapt the menu to your needs.
  • Program list in full screen
    Windows 10/11 system menus and other programs that mindlessly copy menus from Windows 7 force you to use tiny windows to select programs. Because of this, you have to constantly scroll through this list and make a lot of unnecessary mouse movements.
    We’ve fixed this annoying UI bug. The contents of the folder take up the entire screen and the speed of selecting programs depends only on the speed of your eyes. Combined with the one-click launch feature, it delivers great results.
  • Power management with timer
    Without additional programming and effort, you can set a timer to delay powering off or putting your computer to sleep right from the menu. This feature will be useful for those who like to leave their PC at night for complex tasks, as well as for those who just like to listen to music when they leave the house.

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