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Starus Partition Recovery 2.3 (27.39 Mb) is a partition recovery tool to recover corrupted, accidentally deleted, formatted partitions lost data, and can be returned to the partition problem can not be accessed. This tool uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze the selected drive, the partitions never existed and restore files and folders have not been overwritten. These files may have been formatted, lost during a system failure, garbage clean-up, due to virus attacks or delete files directly.

Starus Partition Recovery Features:

If you accidentally formatted your hard drive? Delete or modify the file system? Open prompt the partition you need to format the partition is damaged it? Habits delete a file or folder? Experience this problem, do not rush to get angry! Partition Recovery infection status can help you quickly and easily restore the damaged drive and file!

Recovery software supports all types of files, including images, documents, music, video, databases, compressed archive files, executable files and other file types. This product supports FAT and NTFS file systems and is compatible with any version of Windows, including Windows 8. In addition to the hard disk, the program supports all types of data carriers (U disk, MP3 players, flash memory cards, memory cards, mobile phones and so on).

File Recovery: Quick and Comprehensive Modes
Starus Partition Recovery features quick and comprehensive analysis modes, allowing you to set your priorities. Files that were recently deleted from a healthy disk can be recovered by the quick more in just moments, while in comprehensive analysis mode the tool will crunch data collected from your entire hard drive in order to recover everything that still has traces on your disk.

Fix Broken Partitions
Starus Partition Recovery comes with truly innovative and unique algorithms allowing it to repair severely damaged partitions. Most partition recovery tools on the market will analyse existing system structures on the damaged disk, attempting to repair the volumes and often failing if too much damage is done to disk system data. This is a quick but not always reliable way to handle corrupted partitions. Starus Partition Recovery will only follow the easy route if there’s just a light damage to disk system structures.

Rebuilding Corrupted Partitions: the Comprehensive Mode
In addition to the quick-and-easy approach, Starus Partition Recovery can perform a comprehensive refurbishing of your disk system structures, rebuilding them pretty much from scratch.

Complete Partition Refurbishing
If some parts of the file system or other system structures have been erased, overwritten or become otherwise corrupted, Starus Partition Recovery will switch into comprehensive mode, scanning the entire hard drive in order to create an indexed map of everything that still is available on that disk. After locating all files, folders and other bits of data that are still available on the damaged disk, Starus Partition Recovery will create a new file system from scratch, producing a healthy, usable volume listing all files and folders that from the scratch was able to locate.

Easy to Use
With all the advanced features offered by Starus Partition Recovery, the tool comes equipped with an amazing level of automation. You can easily use it at home or in the office with no reading or training. With many guided wizards helping you undeleting your files or recovering partitions you’ll never get lost in its user interface.

Look and Feel of Windows Explorer
Speaking of user interface, Starus Partition Recovery looks and feels just like Windows Explorer. You’ll see the familiar file and folder views; the only thing that’s different is that those files and folders were once deleted.

System Compatibility
Designed to support all versions of Windows and all types of storage media, Starus Partition Recovery can recover all types of FAT and NTFS partitions created by all versions of Windows from Windows 95 to Windows 7, as well as 2003 and 2008 Server.

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