Stellarium 0.13.3 Full + Patch


Stellarium 0.13.3 come with size 141 Mb another improved version of the program, the home planetarium, home planetarium, which enables your desktop to see the starry sky, which can be seen at the top of his head, in real time. Stellarium software, home planetarium, will provide you with comprehensive information, not just about the closest planet of the solar system and their satellites, but the constellations and other celestial objects. Take a snapshot of the screen, make your own map of the starry sky, glue, create panoramic images are applied in the web-graphics on your site in the network, all you really get out of this program were extremely graphic and partly scientific and education. Planetarium-house education programs Stellarium is easy to use and highly-intelligent, open the door to your room. Visualizer beautiful starry sky of the planets, stars, nebulae, solar and other celestial bodies.

Main features of Stellarium:

• Over 120,000 stars from the Hipparcos catalog built with the name and information for a very bright star.
• Planets and major satellites in real time (the definition of goods is very accurate for Eclipse or transit simulation).
• 88 constellation schemes, with their names.
• mythological figures for the 88 constellations.
• Texture showed more than 70 nebula (Orion, M31 etc ..).
• Photo-realistic Milky Way.
• twinkling stars.
• Falling Stars.
• A variety of different landscapes (ground, fog, mapping the wide-angle photos (fisheye).
• Fast enough realistic rendering effects NATURE atmosphere, sunset, sunrise, etc.
• automatic adaptation of the eye to sky brightness with a special physiological models.
• Grid coordinates (Equatorial and azimuth)
• Equator and ecliptic coordinates.
• intuitive navigation in real time
• A powerful zoom for high-quality look planet, nebula, like a telescope.
• Equatorial and azimuthal mode.
• Standard mode perspective and wide angle (fisheye) as a planetarium dome.
• Time Control (in real time and in an accelerated mode).
• graphical menu for easier use.
• Stars, planets and nebulae with information that can be clicked.
• Mode-windowed and full screen
• Full-dome (180 °) planetarium projection mode.
• Text user interface for planetariums.

How to use:

Dismantling distribution format PAF / He was relegated to a specific folder. The program is uploaded to this folder, search the EXE file, create a shortcut and run the program with flash-drive or computer. Open a window with a view of: moving the cursor as shown in the figure to the planet Mars and enter basic personal program settings. To view the surrounding area, hold the left mouse button and move across the landscape in all directions. Do not worry, the program is completely portable, but the PAF installation file format is similar to the installation into the system.

System Requirements:

Windows 7 and above
3D graphics card which supports OpenGL 3.1
512 MiB RAM
250 MiB on disk

Ability to work with smaller requirements, see. Spoiler “Legacy Plugin”

Download: Turbobit

Zip Password: haxdown



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