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Stellarium 0.14.3 (137 Mb) is a program in real time astronomy interesting photo-realistic three-dimensional images of the sky, featuring stars, constellations, planets; there is a map of constellations, with all their images, have come down to us from ancient times. There is a night view mode, displaying the boundaries of the constellations, you can choose the “home” of the planet.

Stellarium may prove to be a useful program, not only astronomers, but also ordinary users, for example, clicking the mouse on the map, you can read the details at this point lies teloe heaven, which itself attracts …

Stellarium application provides visualization of over 600,000 stars, registered in the Hipparcos catalog, as well as other objects of open space in the Messier catalog. Among the features of the most exciting product – time control functions, generation of stars layout, seen from anywhere in the world, a view of a photo-realistic simulation of optical phenomena atmosphere, map coordinates grid, add a signature to all objects, and the search for the object, orbit playback and trajectories of planets and constellations allocation of the stem.


  • clusters and constellations image
  • constellation of more than 20 different cultures
  • nebula image
  • realistic Milky Way
  • very realistic atmosphere, sunrise and sunset
  • planets and their satellites


  • powerful zoom
  • controls the passage of time
  • Multilingual interface
  • projection “fisheye” to project the image of the dome planetarium
  • spherical mirror projection for your own low budget dome
  • A new graphical interface and extensive keyboard control system
  • Management of the telescope


  • Equatorial and azimuthal grids
  • twinkling stars
  • meteor
  • Simulation eclipse
  • modeling supernova
  • skinnable landscapes, now with the projected spherical panoramas

Customization and expansion

  • plug-in system for adding artificial satellites, ocular simulation, telescope control, and more
  • the ability to add new solar system objects from the internet …
  • Add own space objects, landscapes, constellation images, scripts …

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