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Super Grub2 Disk 2.02s4 with size 13.71 Mb is when Windows does not start, try to use this ISO image, recorded on a CD or flash drive, it will load the operating system from the hard drive, even if it is destroyed or damaged boot loader. It works with Linux, Mac Os and Dos, along with what you want the implementation of Windows, from NT. Automatically finds all the systems that are installed on your computer, select it and press the Enter key to load.

The image is very small (about ten MB), however, he knows how much, you just need to burn it to a CD, USB flash drive or floppy disk (with which you will be easier to work with). Do not restore the operating system loader, but always easy to keep on hand for the emergency boot loader if suddenly refused to perform his duties, or does not find any of the installed systems. When your computer does not support booting from USB, then this software is recorded on a CD or floppy disk will be able to make such a load (considering the option was an experimental ship and Linux). 2 is an interesting possibility is the search in the part of the hard drive and download the ISO images from a variety of recovery tools, such as Sidux, SystemRescueCD, grml, Parted Magic, and a large number of Live CD otherwise, to support the launch of the ISO file (they must be in boot – ISO directory). There is support for LVM and RAID, BIOS able to pass a few bugs when working with old-fashioned interface IDE or ATAPI-type drives, displays a list of all the partitions on the hard disk with the data installed in the file system.
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Download Super Grub2 Disk 2.02s4 Full + Keygen

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