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The DME Calculator (7.98 Mb) is an advanced calculator with many functions. Because the basic choice of program can cope with everyday tasks simple and used by each user. A set of powerful tools allows us to solve more complex problems without the use of heavy applications. program DME Calculator Expression input field is a text editor, that is, users are free to manually enter an expression or entirely copied from another source, which is good to save time as well as you can copy an expression from a field calculator in the other program.

To calculate the users only need to enter the whole expression in the box and press the O key outcomes (F2). The advantage of this application lies in the fact that the field for entering an expression of a very large and intuitive, allowing you to perform calculations and a big problem to see the mistakes made when entering the expression. There are more complex and computation like this: sin (pi () / 4) ^ 2.

You can use variables, variables and expressions separated by commas, for example: a = 5, 3 *, when you click on the button displays the results of the program will give the answer “15”. Appendix realize functions such as programming languages ​​”to”, “temporary”, “if”, and others.


  • The use of variable
  • Calculation and excretion results hex and binary systems
  • Non-linear data modeling with Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm
  • Fast Fourier Transformation
  • Functions available programming languages, for example: if, for, foreach, while
  • A description of their function (defined commands)
  • The function of the text editor to display subtotals and other text
  • The use of 2D graphics with subtotal export, each graph is displayed in its own window
  • Development of text information in columns or plain text
  • The set of expressions can be entered at the same time
  • Version 3 is available, or create your own graphical user interface in the interface editor
  • Syntax checking as you type
  • Online support, with examples
  • The performance of third-party software, for example, you can run the file by running the command ( ‘cmd date / C / T’; ”)
  • Function PC serial RS232 interface
  • IEEE 488 communication bus (requires a compatible interface with National Instruments GPIB)
  • Version 4 is available to send and receive UDP packets over Ethernet

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