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The KMPlayer (46.91 Mb) is a media player for Microsoft Windows. Play several audio and video file formats, including AVI, MKV, Ogg, OGM, MP3, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, Blu-Ray, DVD, VideoCD, RealMedia, FLV, and QuickTime. The main feature of KM Player is a large number of default decoders for playing multimedia files and setting flexibility. You can watch streaming videos, and play video files in 3D, plus convert 2D videos to pseudo 3D in real time. Support for translation of various formats with default editor. KMP players have interfaces in Russian and support themes (skins), as well as working with plug-ins (plug-ins), including those from Winamp version 2 and 5: input, DSP / effects, general purpose and visualization. One interesting feature to note is the ability to play KMP Player from certain file fragments, for this you need to set the starting and ending points of the playing segment. There are post-processing features that improve quality, such as: deinterlacing, sharpening and blur settings, aWarpSharp significant quality improvement technology (creating a significant processor load), sequential and volumetric noise reduction, color level control, support from DScaler external filter players, and many again. . When working with audio recordings, you can enable automatic voice normalization – leveling the audio signal level. This is useful when playing back files with strong volume differences between the lowest and loudest parts, or records that are too quiet and uneven. The disadvantage of this function is the increase in noise in the quiet location of the phonogram, the dynamic range of music distortion, etc. Based on KMP Player, one of the developers, another equally popular video player was created – Daum PotPlayer, which has the same interface and most settings, but differs from it supports more reproducible formats.

Main Features:

  • KMPlayer is a fully customizable player that offers a variety of skins and colors.
  • Built-in codec that allows you not to clog up the “extra” entries of the system in the registry
  • Play less downloaded and “damaged” files
  • Files that are blocked during downloading or otherwise distribution
  • Play streaming audio and video
  • Supports compressed albums (zip, rar)
  • Ability to play certain ingredients (set starting and ending points)
  • Ability to use plugins for Winamp
  • Support for external DScaler filters

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