Tor Browser Bundle 9.0 Full + Portable

Tor Browser Bundle 9.0 (62.61 Mb) is a package for anonymous surfing on the Internet by routing and encrypting traffic through a network of distributed servers. The Tor Browser Bundle prevents monitoring of users’ Internet connections and receiving information about which sites they visit, and also hides information about the physical location of visitors from all hosts visited. Includes the Tor software and the Firefox browser that is configured correctly. This package does not require installation and can be used from any storage media, including removable media (flash drives, etc.).

Using the program:

  • When the file extraction is complete, open the Tor Browser folder from the directory where you saved the file. Double click on the “Start Tor Browser.exe” application. Once Tor starts, the Firefox window will open automatically. Only web pages visited via Tor using the Firefox browser included in the installation package will pass Tor. Other web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, will not be affected by Tor. Before visiting any page, make sure the browser in the lower right corner says “Tor is activated.” To reduce the risk, don’t start standard Firefox when using Browser Bundles, and close all standard Firefox browser windows that were opened before starting. When you’re done browsing the web, close all open Firefox windows. For security reasons, a list of the web pages you visit and all cookies will be deleted. Together with the Tor Browser Bundles, Vidalia and Tor will be closed automatically. Remember that Tor anonymizes your traffic source and encrypts all traffic in the Tor network, but Tor cannot encrypt traffic between the Tor network and the destination address. If you are sending valuable information, you should pay attention to security issues as much as working through a standard Internet connection – use HTTPS or other end-to-end encryption and authentication methods.
  • The Tor Browser contains Vidalia, which is a user-friendly graphical interface for using a secure anonymous network. Tor Browser immediately launches the Tor module after connecting to the network. Tor is free software (BSD license), using “safe route” technology (exchange of anonymous information over networks). The message is repeatedly encrypted, sent through several network nodes, called onion routers (onion routing – secure routing).
  • The Tor Browser allows users to protect themselves from surveillance, which can pose threats to privacy, professional activities, and interpersonal relationships. Also, the Tor Browser allows you to stop attempts to get information about user activities by the state security agency (traffic analysis program).
  • Each Tor network router is responsible for its own encryption layer to open tracking instructions and send information to the next router, where the script is repeated. Intermediary nodes do not have information about source, destination, message content.
  • The Special Tor Browser service gives users the ability to create their own web portal, while not spreading information about the actual location and hosting of the site.
  • Tor Browser provides client anonymity, server anonymity. Using the network, the Tor Browser can use the server in the same way, ie its location on the Internet will not be known. The Tor Browser is designed to protect communication between clients and servers, however, it will not be able to ensure complete closure of the data sent.
  • The big advantage of using Tor Browser is its ease of use (download archive, unzip, run installation file), however, all functions that carry potential security risks are blocked (cookies, flash animation, browser cache, visit history), which can cause a little inconvenience. people who are used to working using all the capabilities of the browser, even third-party applications that do not meet security standards.

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