Turbo Studio 22.4.2 Full + Patch

Turbo Studio 22.4.2

Turbo Studio 22.4.2 is a powerful multifunctional program (formerly Spoon Virtual Application Studio) designed for quick and easy application virtualization using virtual containers that do not require installation (creating Portable programs).

The portable application does not require installation of external components, libraries, PC reboot, administrator rights, is completely isolated from other system applications, and can also be run from portable media.

Main Features:

  • Creation of portable applications that can be transferred over the Internet: allows you to install and run virtual applications on the desktop of any computer with broadband Internet access.
  • Build an application as a single executable that runs immediately: In one package, all application files, registry settings, battery life, and components required in one executable run immediately.
  • Run applications using Java and NET without any previous Java and/or NET installation
  • Improve computer security: launch and run your applications without granting administrator rights to end users. Stabilization by deploying applications in an isolated Spoon virtual environment.
  • Uninstallation of third party components, COM / VB controllers, as well as such as Acrobat, Flash, Shockwave, etc. – all directly within the application.
  • Eliminate UAC Compatibility Hint: Deploy Spoon virtual applications regardless of privileged access to system resources.
  • Turbo Studio virtual application technology allows unsuitable applications to function properly in Terminal Server and Citrix environments.
  • Deploy directly to USB drives: Increase the productivity of field workers by hosting the Spoon virtual application on a USB flash drive. Run applications on remote PC without installation steps, administrative rights, driver installation, etc.
  • Significant reduction in testing and support costs: “DLL Hell” version conflicts and dependencies are eliminated. Reduces the complexity of testing to resolve requests related to resource conflicts with application installation and operation.

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