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VeraCrypt 1.18a (18.95 Mb) is an easy to use program to encrypt files “on the fly”. The program is designed to encrypt files, folders or entire partitions. VeraCrypt allows you to quickly and securely encrypt files, folders or entire drives with a choice of encryption algorithm, and hash algorithm changes based on your preferences, you can also specify the size of the desired volume and as quickly as possible to create a password-protected partition.

VeraCrypt encrypt the partition. There is a function to select an encryption algorithm. The basis of this program is the basic code TrueCrypt. There are many options for data protection.

VeraCrypt have encryption is much better than TrueCrypt, but because of differences in container format, they are not compatible with TrueCrypt. Compatible with UEFI enabled encryption on Windows 8 system, 10. It is possible to select the volume size, VeraCrypt, as well as TrueCrypt encryption is possible to refuse, because of that, you can create an encrypted volume inside another, “hidden volume”. In addition, VeraCrypt version for Windows is able to create and run a hidden copy of the Windows operating system, whose presence may also reasonable rejected.

VeraCrypt supports parallel operation of multi-processor and multi-core computers. VeraCrypt can use hardware encryption acceleration, available on processors with AES-NI instruction set. These measures improve performance VeraCrypt.

VeraCrypt retain key in RAM in the clear. Theoretically, an attacker could gain access to its contents in a way that so-called cold reboot attacks – where an attacker gets physical access to the contents of a memory module after the computer is turned off, and with the help of special software or equipment to restore the previous contents. These attacks have been successfully applied in relation to the disk partition encrypted with TrueCrypt.
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