Vertus Fluid Mask 3.3.15 Full + Patch


Vertus Fluid Mask 3.3.15 with size 42.35 Mb is a program for separating objects in the photographs from the background allows you to define the contours of objects in color and texture, taking into account the shadows and objects effectively separate the complex (human hair, leaves, etc.) of the whole image by doing in two different graphics operations.

You can use different ways of mixing when transferring the object to a different environment to hide the fake. The program has a special tool to transfer the right of complex elements, such as hair. Significantly improve object detection system is complex: a report on the performance of the standard operating speed by 40 per cent (on a multi-core processor).

module is very powerful and easy to use for Photoshop (available for all image editor that supports .8bf format). It seems that the policies adopted by the British company Vertus technology in the near future, the ability to bring to the sole lead. The essence lies in the function of the product simulation process of our bodies of view and thinking through automatic analysis of raster images. After the image file to download to your desktop Fluid Mask, mechanism carefully studying the contents of the picture and with the data on the color palette, gradients and textures edited images, its share depending on the zone. In particular, automatically or manually identified areas for disposal and preservation of (key facilities, the background, complex border areas and crossings). On the basis of those produced and included in the service layer with metadata IIL (Image Information Layer) Integrated mask that shows both saved and deleted pixels, and the boundaries of this zone.

This product is semi-automated tool that allows you to cut out objects from a layer of the user’s choice. Working with a fairly simple: pre-lining is analyzed and the program allocates all boundaries are unclear and vague, which is in the process of image analysis (previously required to press a special button, now everything is done automatically when you open a picture), the program is running, spinning completely himself Photoshop and load itself as painful interface similar to the “original edobovsky” only with the other key. Then you choose one of hand tools, brushes, paint over that part of the image, removing unnecessary violence and leave those who want to change the background. All work now takes not much time: the old version on many modern computers for a long time to analyze the image, but now take into account the architectural features of the new processor and run faster.

Major Improvements:

  • manufacturer promises acceleration to 40 percent on multi-core processors
  • the ability to more accurately determine the boundaries of a small area of ​​the image and then apply the results to the whole picture – this is done to further improve the accuracy of crop
  • algorithms to automatically determine the need to blur the boundaries of pruning: cropping the object may be out of focus and therefore it is necessary to cut off escape, while the other part can be harsh and demanding a hard limit – before everything was done in Photoshop hand after cutting
  • the possibility of forming a mask on the color spectrum for more precise trimming of a number of objects.
  • Improved preview function.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when loading files .vfmp (Vertus Fluid Mask Project file) in Windows.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after the installation of Fluid Mask as a plug-in as a result do not appear in the Menu -> Filter -> Vertus in CS2 – CS5.
  • The speed when downloading CMYK or 16-bit images much faster.
  • In Adobe Photoshop Elements required manual installation. Now option during installation.

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