Victoria 5.02 Full + Patch

Victoria 5.02 (3.02 Mb) is a functional program to analyze your hard drive, will allow everyone to see health and performance with maximum detail. He can also do surface tests. There are users who don’t like to save files on external devices, which include optical disks, USB devices, flash memory, they like to store everything exclusively on hard drives / solid state drives, so maybe they want to make sure that nothing will lead to file loss , and for this you need to monitor the disk. The easiest way to do this is to have special software that will allow you to control all the necessary parameters and notify you of the problem in time, in fact, this is just such a development. This program was created to help you evaluate the performance of your hard drive, giving you a variety of useful data, you can also use it to check for small problems and even fix them, if possible of course. Among the areas that the application can analyze, you can find hard disk models, disk sizes, functions and overall sizes, as well as more sophisticated attributes such as SMART attributes (self monitoring, analysis and reporting technology), including raw read error rates, how many times acceleration , search error rate, start / stop number and total on time.

Main Features:

  • Read the disk passport and display on the technical information screen about the drive (model, serial number, version, features, etc.)
  • Control the acoustic noise level of the HDD, if it supports it
  • See S.M.R.T. drive parameters, rapid assessment of its status by the pseudographic scale and by the status register. Including seeing hidden attributes of the IBM / HITACHI / Toshiba 3.5 drive
  • Run the default SMART HDD test and monitor its progress
  • See, analyze, research, and record SMART-drive logs, including modern 48-bit logs (appearing since v. 4.75).
  • Surface testing by verification, reading and writing, with calculations and display of damaged block addresses;
  • Testing on the list of areas, sector numbering in the list.
  • Measuring linear, nonlinear and random read speeds from HDD
  • Create fast and complete speed charts
  • Test drive for data distortion during reception and transmission – DDD option
  • HDD shaft speed measurement
  • Hide surface defects with the method of reassigning sectors from reserves (remap) on one of the reading tests
  • Hard disk performance measurement (benchmark function)
  • Measurement of HDD head positioning speed and access time to sectors (random read / write)
  • View sector content with the ability to edit
  • Clean the disk (or parts thereof) of information – “low-level formatting”
  • Security options management: set passwords on USB HDD / SSD, delete passwords
  • Ability to stop and start USB / SAS HDD spindle motors. Put the SSD into sleep mode
  • HDD head position test (similar to the way the OS does it during intensive work), to identify the reliability and thermal stability of the PC disk subsystem
  • View information about logical HDD partitions with indication of partition boundaries (so far only the MBR format is supported)

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