VMWare ThinApp Enterprise 5.1.1 Build 2722044 Full + Crack


VMWare ThinApp Enterprise 5.1.1 Build 2722044 (59.60 Mb) is agentless application virtualization solution that can be applied to the underlying operating system to isolate them, to eliminate application conflicts and simplify application delivery and management.

OS Migration

Because without re-encoding, re-testing and re-certification, so it can quickly migrate legacy applications to Windows 7 or Windows 8. Since the deployment of rapid deployment and reduce the number of tests in the process, so that business applications will be used to produce faster, minimizing downtime and reduce business risk.

To further simplify the operation process, the application will automatically convert the installation silently as ThinApp package. Also, if you have an application with ThinApp packaged for use on Windows XP or any other version, you can use ThinApp relink feature to easily convert them to a format that ThinApp Windows.

Application isolation

The whole application and settings that can be packed into one that can be used for many operating environments Windows MSI or EXE executable file. These virtual applications are isolated from each other, independent of the executive, and will not make changes to the underlying operating system, which eliminates conflicts between applications and between applications and operating systems.

Without modification of the host, you can run ThinApp application has been isolated in a limited user account virtual bubble. Because applications run independently of each other, so you can use the Office 97/2003/2007 on the same operating system, Internet Explorer, and .NET applications or custom applications without conflict.

Server Consolidation

In one application per server model of traditional IT, for certain applications, for technical reasons or problems associated with the isolation of the data can not coexist, it requires the use of special hardware. With VMware ThinApp, applications can eliminate the small environment, thereby increasing the utilization of existing assets, but also make your applications easier to manage and deploy.


In order to meet legal requirements and compliance, many industries were forced to lock the PC. Use ThinApp, an application can be locked into the computer as a limited user accounts to run, no need to change the system, not reduce security policy. ThinApp no ‚Äč‚Äčkernel-mode code, it is impossible to apply to individual user accounts that violate the Group Policy computer. This helps to secure the deployment of virtualization packages in security and stability is very important for the environment.

In addition, Microsoft’s security guidance mode the user purchases a solution proposed to reduce potential security vulnerabilities or narrow the scope of the security vulnerability. Because ThinApp run completely in user mode, so it can not provide the application with elevated privileges for the device (such as a real file system or registry, network connections, printers, etc.) on your computer, which prevents inadvertently breach policy. The device driver does not compromise the security of your computer or cause a system crash.


Whether on the road or in the office, users require access to a flexible and reliable for applications in virtually any computer they have access to (including the information kiosk and hotel PCs). With ThinApp, they do not need to install any software or device drivers do not need to have administrative rights, you can directly through portable storage devices (including flash drives) to run the application.

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