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VMware Workstation 11.1.1 Build 2771112 with size 293 Mb is a program to create virtual machines on a single system. VMware Workstation allows, working in one operating system (eg, Windows XP), at the same time to work on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, FreeBSD, Linux, NetWare, Solaris, etc. – No need to allocate separate resources operating system and restart the computer when switching from one OS to another. This application allows you, in fact, from one computer to receive multiple, and these virtual computers if necessary can be completely isolated from one another, and vice versa can, combine into a virtual LAN set.Pri help VMware Workstation, you can install the system different operations and applications for them, go online and engage in daily tasks.

Benefits of this method is the ability to test various software under various operating systems, without adversely harm the current system, installed on my main computer, as well as some test hardware solutions. Could life greatly facilitate cross-platform applications and lovers to work with the new OS.

Main Features:

  • Simultaneous Launch of multiple guest operating systems on one computer
  • Running virtual machines on Windows desktop operating system core and full screen
  • Installing virtual machines without re-partitioning
  • Running is already installed on the computer operating system without reinstalling or re-configuration
  • Run the Windows operating system applications on a Linux computer, and vice versa
  • Creating and testing applications simultaneously for different systems
  • Running untested applications without the risk of endangering the stability of the system or loss of important data
  • File Sharing and applications to different virtual machines using virtual networking
  • Run the client-server and Web applications on one PC
  • Starting on the same PC multiple virtual machines and network models

Updated virtual hardware:

  • Improved screen technology, which led to an improvement in working mode Unity (forwarding applications in their guest host, when they work as a native host application), as well as a system with a variety of video output
  • Guest operating systems can provide up to 64GB of RAM
  • guest operating system Windows 7 and higher now emulated HD Audio codec (based Realtek ACL888) with support for 7.1 audio
  • a Linux operating system 2.6.35 or higher you can use a USB3 port. This feature does not work in Windows until the release of Windows 8, which will contain the original USB3 drivers
  • Added support for Bluetooth devices sharing the Windows guest operating system, but it can not continue the current audio, mouse and keyboard
  • Added support for hardware virtualization environments accumulation in the virtual guest VT-x / EPT or AMD-V / RVI, so as a guest OS can run vSphere (including version 5).

The Main Features of VMware Workstation:

  • Full support for Windows 8 including automated installation, optimization easier management of the new interface (Metro), support for multi-touch (multi-touch) when running on a tablet.
  • Optimizing graphics subsystem including a more powerful video driver with more features, 3D-new drivers for Windows 8 to operate without hardware acceleration, upgraded to Windows XP, faster and more high-quality rendering in graphical applications (AutoCAD, SolidWorks and so on other).
  • Built-in support for OpenGL in Linux-client, without the need for additional installation of VMware Tools, accelerated and high-quality rendering.
  • Password protection to restrict access to the virtual machine configuration, performance parameters, file transfer, connectivity peripherals and drives, and so on. D.
  • Test the WSX service – the prototype of a new generation of web interface based on HTML5 to access a virtual machine from a browser (including tablets and smartphones) without installing the component. It is advised to use the Google Chrome browser on Windows, Apple Safari on Mac OS, Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 browser; The Internet Explorer 10 issues were observed.
  • Download the virtual machine on the VMware vSphere cloud system on the local computer.
  • Support for USB 3.0 operating system with the appropriate drivers (Windows 8 and some versions of Linux).
  • Improved implementation of nested virtualization (Nested Virtualization) with the extension of Intel VT-x / EPT and AMD-V / RVI, among others, led to a 64-bit client is less resource intensive.
  • limited support for Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor – the ability to install Windows 8 with the corresponding function activation or installation of Hyper-V server.
  • Support for virtual performance analysis tools, which makes it possible to run applications such as the Intel VTune Performance Analyzer.
  • significant improvements to remotely connect to virtual machines through a VNC client.
  • New tools to quickly free up disk space by optimizing virtual machine files.
  • Processed tab to quickly switch between virtual machines.
  • The on / off VMS fast Titles tab.
  • Automatic saving of search results to quickly return to them later.

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