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WinCatalog 2019 is an easy-to-use cataloging program for cataloging disks, files and folders. Have you looked through dozens of CDs for the program or song you want? Using WinCatalog you won’t have to waste time searching anymore. By creating directories, you can quickly search for files, folders, drives, and other directory items without returning to the original storage media. Simply add your disk to WinCatalog once and the search will take a few seconds !. WinCatalog keeps a file list of all your media, scans the contents of Zip archives, extracts tags from mp3 files and even gets audio track names from the Internet. How often have you given a disc to a friend and never got it back? You’ll never lose your disk again: WinCatalog’s built-in contact list makes it easy to keep track of who currently owns this or that media. WinCatalog adds all files found on disk to a directory, while maintaining a subfolder hierarchical structure and remembering file attributes such as path, size, creation and modification date, etc. By default, the program skips and doesn’t scan system folders, such as the Recycle Bin and others, but if necessary, you can disable this option in the program settings.

Main Features:

  • Catalogs any disk that Windows can access as storage media.
  • Cataloging of individual folders on disk.
  • Automatic extraction of Zip archive descriptions during scanning.
  • Scan inside Zip archives and add to directory as a folder.
  • Automatic extraction of descriptions for mp3, html files at disk scanning stage.
  • Individual comments for each item: disk, folder or file.
  • Get information about Audio CD tracks from CDDB (Internet CD database).
  • Each item is matched against a set of keywords for a more precise search.
  • Search directories by name, comments and keywords.
  • Search on separate disks and across directories.
  • Refresh disk information without losing previously entered comments and keywords.
  • Ability to delete unnecessary files and folders from directories.
  • Easy counting of given disks.
  • Export and import sections of collections and contact lists.
  • Export part of the collection to a cvs file for opening in MS Excel or other applications.
  • Ability to open the last directory automatically at the start of the application.
  • Work fast.

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