Windows 7 Manager 5.2.0 Full + Patch

Windows 7 Manager 5.2.0 (14.30 Mb) is a unique utility that allows you to quickly configure, optimize, and make complete cleaning of unused registry files and settings on your Windows 7 system. This utility can significantly increase the efficiency of your system and its stability. This program displays complete information about all computer components and processes that are running. Windows 7 Manager includes more than 30 utilities that function to speed up the system, and improve stability and security. Currently, not only Microsoft is confused with the release of Windows 7. Software developers also try to keep up with the times and therefore work hard to release new tools to change and optimize future operating systems. So, one of the tools recently released for Windows 7 has become Windows 7 Manager. Windows 7 Manager allows users to effectively configure, optimize and clean Windows 7. This tool contains process managers, operating system cleaners, Windows 7 settings and optimizations, and even Windows 7 recovery center. The latter allows you to restore context menus, file associations , Internet Explorer, icons and etc., and also have other features, such as checking the authenticity of system files. Another interesting feature of the recovery center is what is called “immunity”. According to the application author, immunizing the disk section leads to creating an autorun folder on it. inf, which prevents the creation of autorun files. inf and that in NTFS cannot be deleted without the appropriate rights. Thus, immunization can protect local disks or can be removed from the autorun virus. In the Information section, you can see detailed information about the hardware and processes that are running, and the Customization section will help you customize Windows 7 for yourself, giving you control over menus, desktops, downloads, etc. The Optimizer optimization section will increase the speed of loading and shutting down Windows, increasing hardware performance and deactivating unnecessary system tasks. In the Security program Security section, you can enable a number of hidden system performance settings, disable system updates and report errors, hide and limit access to drives, determine which programs are not allowed to run on your computer, encrypt / decrypt network files and change folder locations system. Here you can also find the Privacy Protector utility, which will protect privacy by removing references to places that you have visited. Using the Networks section, you can optimize your Internet connection, manage shared folders and easily configure Internet Explorer. And finally, the other Misc. The utility will show you a collection of Windows utilities, help you find keys on Windows and more.

Main Features:

  • Receive detailed information about your system
  • Optimize boot speed and system shutdown
  • Customize hardware to increase speed and performance
  • Task Scheduler Optimization to turn off unnecessary system tasks
  • Search and delete unnecessary files and various junk
  • Find duplicate files
  • Clean the registry of incorrect and unnecessary entries
  • Registry defragmentation to improve system performance
  • Manage applications in the autorun system
  • Customize the Windows 7 boot menu
  • Edit the context menu (right mouse button)
  • Customize desktop options, menus, toolbars and warnings
  • Automatically change desktop background
  • Configure and optimize system security
  • Optimize your internet connection speed
  • Settings for Explorer Interner options
  • Display Windows default utility
  • Separating and merging any file

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