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Windows Repair Pro 3.2.0 (22.51 Mb) is a versatile system repair tool, you can restore Windows to its original settings. This can help you solve problems such as registry permissions, IE, automatic updates, firewalls and so on a series of failures.

Clean-up project:

  • the system automatically corrects: It could be a smart safe car repair disruption of illegal software system settings, such as IE is disabled, the home page setting is disabled, the folder option is disabled, the registry is disabled and so on.
  • process management: a powerful process management capabilities, including analysis (system module, embedded module, and begin all aspects of diagnosis and analysis modules, etc.), thread analysis, the system entrance SSDT restoration, restoring the original API load modules, processes and threads forcibly suspended by forcibly removing other documents.
  • automatic initial item analysis: registry, folders themselves begin, services, drivers, scheduled tasks and all self-start, early suspicious items automatically highlighted, and which can be cleaned.
  • load analysis system module: all the module loaded system, and highlight suspicious modules, and uninstall or remove.
  • System Shell to clean: It can be used to clean the Windows shell settings illegal, illegal housing and other Internet Explorer settings (such as automatically add the toolbars and menu items, etc.).
  • system cleanup and optimization: registry or invalid files can be opened for security settings to optimize the user to delete the history (such as Internet Explorer history stubborn completely cleaned, etc.).

You can fix the problem:

  • Reset the registry permissions.
  • reset the file permissions.
  • file registration system.
  • repair WMI. (A core management window technology), which may be a window came up with “management” function.
  • repair the windows firewall.
  • fix that.
  • repair, MDAC and MS jet. (Microsoft Access database components and the database engine)
  • Restore hosts file.
  • repair icons.
  • repair Winsock and flush the DNS cache.
  • delete the temporary files.
  • fix the proxy settings.
  • does not hide the non-system files.
  • fixes the windows update feature.

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