WinGuard Pro 2016 10.10.2001.0 Full + Serial Key


WinGuard Pro 2016 10.10.2001.0 (2.56 Mb) is allows you to block access to programs, windows, files and folders. In addition, it can help to build a defense in almost every component of the operating system, including desktop and My Computer folder, to block access to the Internet, prohibits the installation / removing software and launch the console, disable the Control Panel, Internet Explorer, or the computer entirely.

Supports the use of multi-user with individual settings for each user. The free version of the function is disabled; for example, you can set a password for the Mozilla Firefox browser, but you can not set a password for Internet Explorer. password can be set only on a small number of programs and controls, and when you try to extend this list to offer to purchase the Premium version of WinGuard.

Key Features:

  • Built-in programs: There are around 15 common programs built-in for locking
  • Lock Programs, Applications, EXE Files with a Password
  • Encrypt Files, Folders and Entire Drives
  • Lock Windows at Boot and the Boot Keys (F8)
  • Password Protect Windows Explorer
  • Password Protect your Web Browser, inc. Internet Explorer and FireFox etc
  • Disable Software Installation and Downloads to Help Prevent Unknown Virus Attacts
  • Disable Zip and Self Extracting Files
  • Lock your own programs: You can also add any of your own programs for locking.
  • Password timer: You can set in seconds how long you want to give users to enter the password to access any locked programs. This can help deter hackers.
  • Screen blank: You can have the screen blank in emergencies, this prevents any use of the computer, and blacks out the screen only leaving a password box to access the entire system.
  • Additional Protection: This lets you lock even more features down on your PC. Such as the Desktop, My Computer, Internet Access, Internet Downloading, Software Installations and much more.
  • Stop people installing software: This is a must have for those of you who are sick of users installing software on your computers without your consent. With this feature just a simple click is all that’s needed and the software will disable Setup programs, Installers, Self Extracting Exe’s, Zip files, the lot.
  • Help prevent viruses: Using the above feature to stop software installs, this will help prevent such viruses that may be contained in program the user is trying to install.
  • Lock or Encrypt your Files and Folders: Two methods of protection are available, including strong encryption.

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