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731428753218542862464350643096453069394043956026424368732518932517896352289544825364530432560 Premium 17.2.1 with size 4.59 Mb is a suite of software utilities designed to optimize the Windows operating system. Accelerate your PC depends on how and what you serve your personal PC OS. In this trial have the necessary tools to optimize, or in other words, speed up your computer, restore the performance of his maksimlnoy. Program to optimize the program for your computer optimization program to optimize windows, system optimization, registry cleaning, cleaning optimization program, tweak and optimize windows. This program includes components for complete removal of unwanted programs and “dead” references the registry as well as for process control, system settings, internet connections and interfaces. In addition, there is a utility for secure storage of confidential information.

Further details on the composition of the assembly

  • Clean Uninstaller
    When you uninstall different software on the hard drive very often remain temporary files and files not deleted during uninstall. These files are no longer used, they take up disk space and reduce disk access times. This program is to optimize the program to optimize the computer program to optimize windows, system optimization, download optimization software, Registry Cleaner, optimize the cleaning program, configuration and optimization of windows, the best program for the optimization program the computer to clean up your computer and optimize window With the tool “Clean uninstaller “you can solve that problem, as well as control the process of installing programs and find out what files and which were written and what changes have occurred in the Windows registry and system files during installation.
  • Scan Files
    When different programs on your hard drive create temporary files necessary for proper function. Quite often the situation where temporary files are not deleted (computer or the software, not the right way out of the program or system) and remain on the hard drive and sometimes slowing the occupied space. Sometimes a large number of temporary files slow down your computer and work in general. It serves as a tool «Scan Files» for periodic cleaning of the computer temporary files and unused.
  • Scan Registry
    Many programs use the Windows registry to store your own settings, adding new file extensions, setting their own components. But after uninstalling these programs very often write about them are not deleted and remain in the registry. This entry is no longer used, but they take place. Windows registry during installation / installation becomes more and more, thereby worsening the performance of your computer and registry access the program. Tool «Scan Registry» is intended for periodic cleaning the registry and for correcting records.
  • StartUp Manager
    Many programs consider themselves the most important programs in the system, placing themselves in startup and System Tray system does not need to be consuming system resources – random access memory and reducing processor power. Typically, such programs write information about themselves not in the “Startup” Start Menu and in the registry Windows, leaving the user’s selection and complicated process of monitoring autoloading. Tool «Start Up» monitors all records about the startup and allows the delete / add and temporarily disable records.
  • Tweak UI
    A set of additional adjustments related to safety, performance and usability of the operating system and are not included in the standard MS Windows. This program is to optimize the program to optimize the computer program to optimize windows, system optimization, download this program to optimize cleaning optimization program registry cleaning, adjustment and optimization of windows, the best program for optimizing a computer program to clean up your computer and optimize the Settings window is divided into six groups, each of which is divided into subgroups to facilitate navigation:
    Global – adjustments which allow for changing system files and registration information
    desktop settings set – screen
    System – system settings, ways of booting the system and devices
    Start – Start menu changes
    Security – Set security system
    Control – the control panel management system.

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