Xara Photo & Graphic Designer+ Full + Crack

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer+

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer+ is a powerful solution for professional graphic design using bitmaps and plain images. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer+ lets you edit images and photos, design print products and web graphics, vector graphics, photo composition, Flash animation and more. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer+ is a very attractive program with an optimized and easy-to-understand interface that has long earned its reputation not only among professional web designers and photographers.

But also among novice and inexperienced users who are just taking their first steps in mastering complex graphics and graphical modeling. Understanding the program and its functions will not be difficult at all, even for beginners. If you’re already dealing with a graphical editor, the tool settings themselves will be standard, like most programs, but there will be lots of new options instead of the usual ones. However, the user must have at least a basic knowledge of English, because the entire interface is in English.

Main Features:

  • Accurate and productive “machine” vector rendering.
  • Support for “Drag and Drop” drag and drop function.
  • “Live” control of object boundaries: draw, move, rotate and resize with the mouse.
  • Unlimited possibilities to undo and redo actions.
  • Enlarges images up to 25,000 percent while maintaining speed, high resolution and RAM space.
  • Old photo recovery.
  • Vector alignment for maximum quality.
  • Cast the 3D modifier to create 3D objects by dragging straight lines.
  • Fast and high-quality 3D vector extruder.
  • Built-in tools for editing vectors and shapes.
  • Create transparency gradients for objects, photos, text and vector shapes.
  • Creation of smooth transitions (Blend) from one shape to another (for example, from a circle to a square) for photos, text and vector objects.
  • Vector layering of objects and shadows to create realistic images.
  • Live Actions tool to create various effects: transparency, shadow, highlight, gradient fill in interactive mode.
  • Edit photos without losing quality.
  • Creation of panoramic images, presentations and slide shows.
  • Support for Adobe Photoshop plugins.
  • “Create site” function to create a multi-page website.
  • Flash animation.
  • Support for the most common graphic formats: GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, PSD, RAW, EPS, AI, PDF, WMF, etc.
  • Import and export of PSD files.
  • Support for XPS export.
  • Support for W3 °C, IE 6+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, XHTML, and CSS standards.
  • Convenient photo cropping tool.

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